12 Practical Ways to Feel Happier Today

12 Practical Ways to Feel Happier Today

You’ve probably heard it said that happiness is a state of mind. If that’s true then why do so many people experience such a wide range of emotions that are anything less than happy? The secret is probably simpler than what most realise and it’s often under appreciated or seldom acknowledged. That is that happiness is emotionally incremental.

What this means is that happiness is an emotional state which is accessed by us whenever we believe the criteria for happiness is met. And because it’s the criteria we set that determine when we feel happy, then it’s important for us to be clear on what those criteria are and whether they are empowering us to experience happiness frequently or keeping us disempowered and unhappy.

In this entry Anubhav Srivastava shares some insight on Planet of Success around simple criteria that when fulfilled universally will help generate happiness within all those who practice them. How many of these are being fulfilled within your life?

12 Practical Ways to Feel Happier Today | Planet of Success

We all want to be happy. In fact anything that any human wants, whether a relationship or a job, is ultimately motivated by the fact that they directly or indirectly want happiness out of it. And yet most people do not rate themselves to be very happy in life.

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