3 Lessons Nature Can Teach Us About Taking Action

There’s a strange notion that people have around success, that it’s some destination that we arrive at. It’s as though we are continuously misdirected to expect that success is something we acquire as a result of what we have rather than who we become. But when we look at those who have accomplished great things, a common thread is evident in each of them. It’s the belief that, as Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the pursuit of a worthy ideal.”

The pursuit and realisation of that ideal is something which must be revisited daily in order to fair the challenges life has by default. That’s because we’re never going to be immune to the setbacks. We can however be resolute and do away with unresourceful beliefs and attitudes by replacing them with empowering ones. By acknowledging who choose to be and what it is we’ve chosen to do we progressively move towards that outcome. And in so doing, accomplish our very purpose.

3 Lessons Nature Can Teach Us About Taking Action

What image comes to mind when you think of taking action? Newton’s laws? Gears in machines? Someone intently focused on a task? How about plants? Yes, they seem simple and slow but action doesn’t need to be flashy to be effective.

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