3 Must-Knows That Men Don’t Talk About

3 Must-Knows That Men Don’t Talk About

You may or may not recognise this post. I wrote this back in December and had quite a few enquiries about the content so I put it up on Huffington Post. If you didn’t get a chance to read it the first time round, this may be a good opportunity.

There’s plenty to be said when it comes to how men and women differ. There’s mountains of literature on the subject of how we ought to be able to navigate life based on certain principles. The main problem that presents itself though is that not enough individuals have an appropriate awareness of how to be functional as adults. This isn’t due to their incapacity, it’s merely a case of following the crowd who are unaware of how they are limiting one another. This is no more apparent than when we look at the subject of emotional intelligence within men.

There’s a sharp increase in reported cases of depression within men and an even scarier statistic in the increase of suicides with males. But it needn’t be the case. There are those of us who have the opportunity to speak truth and hope into a world that has misplaced it’s identity. Perhaps you may know a guy who needs to read this entry.

3 Must-Knows That Men Don’t Talk About

When it comes to emotions, it’s safe to say that most men don’t talk about theirs very often. It’s commonplace for men to act nonchalant when it comes to things of the heart, but perhaps it’s what’s been keeping us from experiencing the deeper things in life.

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