Perspective is a powerful factor in keeping us on track on our way to success. Often times we get caught up in the whirlwind of our daily activity only to sacrifice what truly matters. It’s easy to get distracted from the attitudes, actions and activities that add value for those things which don’t, particularly when we are constantly in reactionary mode. It doesn’t help that we live in a society that is constantly competing for our attention to strive from one external measure of success to another, never truly arriving at what we seek.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The awareness that we are only here for a finite amount of time can dramatically change the way we approach our lives. When we cease seeking to please everyone else’s criteria of what life should be like and are present to the moment we begin realising that we have a choice in the outcomes we experience.

Susie Moore shares some insight around the 5 biggest regrets people have before they die, and provides a simple exercise at the end worth completing to gain perspective. After all, we deserve to live life to the full.

Want to hear the strangest thing on earth? Death is perhaps the most constructive fact of our existence. Being aware of death throughout your life can beget the healthiest attitude: one of perspective. Countless people throughout history knew this too.