5 Easy Ways To Get Happier ASAP – By Megan Telpner

5 Easy Ways To Get Happier ASAP – By Megan Telpner

There’s a common misconception that happiness is contingent on us achieving certain outcomes. We are sold a perception that if we drive the right car, live in the right location, have a certain lifestyle then we’ll be happy. It’s no wonder that the rate of depression is at an all time high and rising. Somewhere along the way we lost our bearings and wound up with an internal compass that no longer points to true north.

Happiness has been and will always be an inside job. The measures that are imposed upon us by the external world are no more than marketing gone mad. We owe it to ourselves to wake up and quit the game of comparison. After all, happiness begins with self and is amplified when we share graciously with others. Here are 5 tips to make it happen today.

5 Easy Ways To Get Happier ASAP

Though I wish it were as simple as slurping up a green juice, making a quinoa salad, and calling it a happy day, it goes much deeper than that. Fortunately, happiness is like a muscle – the more you work it, the stronger it becomes.

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