5 Simple (But Powerful) Tools For Fighting Stress

5 Simple (But Powerful) Tools For Fighting Stress

We all face stress at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s grip can feel overwhelming and seem as though our options are limited. And when we find ourselves faced with stress it serves us to remember that circumstances change and we can overcome.

That being said though, not everyone has great strategies for managing their stress levels and some folk have absolutely none. Unsuccessful people tend to get caught up in the drama that stress brings with it and limit their ability to move forward through the attitude they adopt and the reactive nature of their being. Successful people on the other hand see stress for what it truly is and recognise the opportunity at hand, to step up, move beyond and become more.

In this entry Chris Kresser shares insight into 5 simple (but powerful) tools for fighting stress. Perhaps it’s not so much about fighting stress as it is about recognising the challenge for what it is, an opportunity to evolve.

5 Simple (But Powerful) Tools For Fighting Stress

We may not be able to avoid stress, but we can influence how it affects us. Learn the four factors that drive our response to stress and simple-but effective-tools for changing how you experience it. Most people living in the modern world experience continuous stress in the form of daily hassles, relationship troubles, problems at work, chronic illness, or other external life events.

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