John’s story begins as many others have, with a young couple fleeing persecution in their homeland and seeking safety abroad. John’s family fled to Australia in 1979 to escape the military dictatorship of Argentina while his mother was pregnant with him. His family arrived in Australia with little preparation; they didn’t speak the language and had no time to gather up their savings. John’s upbringing was thoroughly working-class with his parents making the best efforts to overcome their adverse situation and provide a better life for him and his older sister.

Like many people who grow up in a lower socio-economic environment, John’s teenage years were dominated by the confusion, anger, and resentment of a young man who hadn’t found his purpose in this world. These emotions drove him to rebel against all forms of dogma and authority, yet he was also desperate for understanding and acceptance. Understandably these internal conflicts spiraled into depression and John turned to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. After a close call, John got the wake-up call he needed and realised that something needed to change: himself.


At the age of 19, John met the first of many mentors who would change his life. An unassuming man in his late 40s with four children of his own, Don embodied the values of compassion, generosity, patience, and understanding which caused John to realise that there was another way to live life; a better way. John’s interactions with Don were the crucial first step that allowed John to transition from a dysfunctional, destructive outlook on life to a rational and productive understanding of the world. Don also kick-started John’s love of literature, recommending many books which ignited John’s desire to learn and improve.

It was this process of consuming knowledge that led to John discovering Anthony Robbins, a prolific author, philanthropist, and life coach. Robbins was the first person John encountered who was able to articulate the challenges that John was facing in a way that resonated with him. As such, the frameworks that Robbins provided allowed John to begin working through his emotional blocks and faulty thinking patterns. 

John’s success with the works of Robbins encouraged him to pursue personal development further, and he began completing various programs and surrounding himself with other people on a similar journey. During this time, with the support of many members of the personal development community, John was able to reconcile his past traumas and failures and navigate some incredibly challenging times in his life. 


In 2013 at the age of 33, John arrived at a point in his life where his work environment was no longer congruent with the person he had chosen to become. John made the decision to enroll in a course at The Coaching Institute in Melbourne. It was at TCI that John met countless wonderful facilitators and coaches, including Joe Pane and Sharon Pearson. While enrolled at TCI, John’s knowledge became increasingly refined and he began consuming knowledge at a rate he previously wouldn’t have thought possible. John’s library of material on human behaviour is over 1,000 books deep and in the pages of these books, John has discovered a variety of mentors with diverse life experiences, expertise, and insights to share.

Throughout this journey John was supported by his longtime partner, Amanda, who he first met in high school. They grew up together, became adults together, and have supported each other throughout the challenges of life for 24 years. Amanda has been, and continues to be, the safe harbour that John can turn to in his times of need.


In 2015, after earning several certifications at TCI, John became a facilitator with TCI, while also starting a consulting business working with various companies in the public and private sector. This decision coincided with the birth of John and Amanda’s first child.

The combination of learning how to run a business while also learning how to raise a child resulted in a massive increase in responsibilities for John. As a result, he quickly learnt how to set aside excuses, accept responsibility, and step up to meet new challenges. During this time period John also blogged on the Huffington Post, ran workshops, and was a frequent guest speaker and presenter, spreading the knowledge that had changed his life to others who sought it.


In 2016, John began consulting for Garry Pesochinsky’s business to revitalise the company culture and improve customer engagement. John worked with Garry as a consultant for nine months before coming on board as Executive Vice President overseeing Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, and Human Resources. As the company grew, John stepped away from the Sales Team as Michael Peroumal was brought on board to handle those responsibilities.

After working together at Garry’s business, John, Garry, and Michael realised that they had a shared set of values, a united vision, and the diverse skill sets required to achieve that vision. So in early 2018, John, Garry, and Michael made the decision to become business partners and focus on property developments, with the commitment that their values remain aligned, that they remain supportive of each other, and that they remain transparent in their communication. Together, the three made the acquisition of the property development branch of Garry’s business and incorporated it under their new business: Lion Property Group.

The arrival of John’s first daughter coincided with John forming a new company and the same would be true of his second-born as well; born in early 2018 as John was laying the groundwork for Lion Property Group with his new business partners.

In addition to being one of the owners and Directors of Lion Property Group, John is the Head of People & Culture. This unique role allows John to utilise his extensive knowledge and experience as a human behavioural specialist to further the skills, awareness, and expertise of the team at Lion Property Group. By mentoring the staff at Lion, John is able to share the frameworks and models of human psychology that result in high performance behaviour, and subsequently, superb results and achievements at the individual level.

John is also responsible for maintaining team cohesion within Lion Property Group; companies are teams, and it takes concerted effort to ensure that teams work efficiently and productively together. Under John’s leadership, the culture of Lion Property Group allows the individual to thrive while ensuring unity, respect, trust, and loyalty collectively amongst all members. 


In 2018, John also founded Infinity Effect, a media production company whose mission is to drive positive global change by creating educational content which empowers viewers to positively change their lives. Infinity Effect also serves as a hub where thought leaders, industry experts, and influencers provide access to decades of experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

On Infinity Effect, John and his partners at Lion Property Group document the realities of what it takes to run an international business with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, showcasing the beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets that are essential for successfully performing at the highest levels of business.

Through Infinity Effect, John is able to provide guidance to anyone seeking to make a change in their lives and expand on the same lessons that were instrumental in his ability to transform his own life and become who he is today.

John’s purpose in life is to learn, love, grow, and give back. Without knowledge, John would never have discovered the tools he needed to adapt his thinking. Without love, John would never have had the courage to face his trauma and overcome the challenges he has faced throughout his life and career. Without growth, John would still be the same angry, confused person he once was so many years ago. And without the generosity and support of so many people throughout his life, his journey would not have been possible. 

Now, it’s John’s turn to give back to others by making his contribution to the world.